JANUARY 11TH, 2022

"Vic Spencer, Aakeem Eshu’ & Lil Kydd flawlessly flow over a stellar soundscape laced by Doc da Mindbenda & O. Bonjour in the Something Wonderful Videos helmed power clip for “JAMBORINE!” Peep the superior steez below!!!  



AUGUST 21ST, 2021

"Chicago’s ‘Lil Kydd!?’ set free a new project yesterday. Here’s the full description from the album notes on Bandcamp:


“After two long years and a once-in-a-lifetime plague, Lil Kydd!? returns with his third tape, “Can U Get Your Supervisor?”


His most ambitious project to date, this LP is chock full of the sociopolitical commentary Lil Kydd!? is known for. Follow Kydd!? as he plays the role of an underpaid employee starting his first day of work at a corporation whose sole objective is to make unique and provocative cultural experiences for the suggestible masses as part of a concentrated effort to overtake and subjugate the public. Each cultural experience comes with a compulsory consumer report which must be completed by the observer. A failure to do so results in jail time. Wrapped in the backdrop of a dystopian bureaucratic nightmare, this tape covers themes of love, life, the concept of accepting ones own fate, the mindless nature of the turn-up aesthetic, as well as containing some excerpts of Kydd!? documenting the unspoken madness which resides in suburban living.

An expression of displeasure with one’s own experience.”


Really feel like Kydd!? evolved his overall sound on this project. Hear it heavily in his delivery and voice, the music just sounds more confident from the opening bar. Conceptually it’s also his boldest release to date. Clear that the artist took his time over these last couple years to let his thoughts marinate. In my opinion, the music and artistry as a whole benefited greatly due to this patience. With features from Denmark Vessey, Vic Spencer, DRXQUINNX, Aakeem Eshú, and more, CAN U GET YOUR SUPERVISOR? is a worthy encapsulation of what the blossoming Windy City artist has to offer an already blooming scene."